Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recital, Sick, Sorry

Last Monday was my piano recital. The song I played all by myself, Indescribable, went really good. Except I messed up at the end. What was kind of cool was that my band song, Hosanna, was the last song to get played because it was like the grand finale. While we were playing Hosanna my older brother Adam starts throwing up on stage. It was kind of sad. We kept on playing the song and it turned out alright.

Most of my family has been getting sick. Today my mom is sick and so is my younger brother Andrew. I'm staying home from school to help my mom with Dennis and my other brother. So far I've made them both breakfast and we are just playing together.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy with my school animal report and my state report. The animal I did was a jellyfish and it was very interesting. The state report isn't due till May 22nd so I still have I while to do it. State testing doesn't start untill next week and I think I'm ready for it.


Mary said...

I'm glad your recital went well, but I'm sorry that your family is sick. I babysit for a 9-month-old and every time he catches a cold, so do I! I can imagine that having more kids in your family means even more chances that someone will catch something at school/work and bring it home to share with the whole family :-) Hope everyone feels better soon!

Connie said...

Germs go around. It happens. You guys were great and I loved the video, even if Adam got sick - that's just how life is sometimes (:-)

Post when you can.. school is more important. I have my iGoogle home page set up with your blog as one of my headlines - when ever you have time to post, I'll see it pop up.

btw - if you need any real life photos of too many jellyfish on a beach on the Red Sea... or of your little cousin with sting marks!... let me know. They are very interesting critters, but not very nice to swim with. Next time, we'll pack vinegar!

Rachel E. said...

I watched the Hosannah video on your mom's blog and it was great! Too bad Adam got sick during it. Do you have a video of yourself playing Indescribable? I'd love to see it if so!