Friday, August 28, 2009

I Need Glasses

I need glasses, only for reading though. It was fun getting my eyes checked many different ways. When I got back to school my teacher asked me if I got dialected, and I said yes. Then he asked did you get glasses, and I had to say yes infront of my whole class so now they all know. Then he asked if I need to get moved to the front of the class and I said no thank you.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


School is awesome. I go to a middle school for sixth grade. We only switch classes for math and reading. For both of them I'm in the smartest class. School is fun and I really like it. And everyday when I come home Dennis runs up to me and gives me a big hug. It is so sweet. Tommorow I'm gonna miss the beginning of school because I have to go to the eye doctor. I hope I don't need glasses.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

School is Great

I love my school. Sixth grade is great. One bad thing is that for the first two days I've had an ear infection. It still really hurts. One thing I like about my teacher is that on the first day we got to pick wherever we wanted to sit. The next day he put us in alphabetical order. One thing I don't really like is that there isn't to many kids from my old school aren't in my class. Still I think school is fun and I can't wait to go back on Monday.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

School Starts Tomorrow

Tomorrow school starts. YAY!! I've already picked out my school outfit, and yesterday I got a haircut. My hair is now up to my shoulders. I'm so excited for tomorrow.

Monday, August 10, 2009

School is Starting

When we first got home we saw this poster on the balcony. I think it is so cute.

And then right below it we saw that Alex's picture was already added.
We start school this Thursday. Today we got a letter in the mail saying what our teachers would be. I was so excited I got a boy teacher because I've always had a girl teacher. I can't wait until school starts.

Friday, August 7, 2009

We Made it Home

We made it home. I will post more tomorrow because it is 11 o'clock here and I want to go to bed. Alex is sleeping right now with his brothers. I could tell he really likes them. I hope I get back on the time here soon.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Going on a Train

Today we finally got Alex. He is a handful. He likes to play bite me. It is annoying. It is gonna be hard on the train tonight to Kiev. I just can't wait untill were home on Friday. I would post longer but we have to go.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Funny Duck Shoes

Mostly everyday when we go on a walk, there is this little girl from our apartment with duck shoes on. Everytime she takes a step it makes a duck sound. The first time me and my mom heard it we cracked up laughing. We still do everytime we here it.

Yesterday we went to Premier. It is a fancy restaraunt here in Ukraine. It is about a mile away from our apartment so we walk to it. It is nice because on our way over there we work up an appetite and then work of our meal on the way back. At Premier, I ordered a mushroom chicken dish. It wasn't that good so I traded it for moms borscht. I normally don't like borscht but this kind was very good. It didn't have big chunks of tomatoes in it and didn't have beets. I think it is my favorite Ukrainian soup.

I can't wait untill tomorrow because tomorrow is the day we get to take Alex out of the orphanage. Today me and my mom made the kids gifts. In it is a juice box, a teddy bear cookie, a napkin, and a fake phone. We got them a fake phone because everytime they see Alex with the one we bring him, they all want it. I can't wait to see how much the kids love their phone.

Saturday, August 1, 2009


Hi everybody. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. We haven't had a computer, but today our taxi driver took us to an Internet Cafe. So now I can post. I have had so much fun in Ukraine. We have a Flea Market so close to us. It has everything you would find in a Walmart or Target but cheaper. I have boughten most of my friends and family members a souvenir already.

At the orphanage when we go and visit Alex we play with all the kids in his group now. All the kids there are just so cute I really just wanna take them all home.

I'm so happy that today is our last Saturday in Ukraine. We will be home next Friday. YAY!!

Over the last few days it has been raining a lot and it is July. Also, like 2 days ago we saw like little snowflakes falling down. But now today, it is burning hot.

I'm really enjoying most of the food here. Yesterday for dinner we had pizza. We bought it at our bakery at the front of our apartments. It was so good. It had regular pizza sauce, cheese, and mushrooms. And then for dessert, we had something that looked like a creamy, chocolaty, cake roll, but was really a kind of dry cake. It wasn't that good.

Ukrainian T.V. is cool and weird. The only thing me and my mom watch here is Nickolodeon. I like to watch Spongebob. The theme song for it in Ukrainian is so weird. I video taped it one morning and will post it when I get back home .

In six more days I will be home. I can't wait.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot to Rainy

Hi everybody. We had a good day. Alexsey is now very open to me and has said "I love you," a few times. It is so cute. Here I am taking him back to his room at the orphanage.

After a long hot walk to find a toy store, which is closed untill August, we stopped to get some lunch. Let me just say, my dad got a sandwich which he thought was beef but we think was actually liver. My chicken burger had a lot of weird sauces so I traded for my dad's sandwich. I didn't like it either so I ate an orange when we got home.

Getting ready to go see Alexsey again, we hoped the weather would be cooler, cause it was like very very hot. And then it started pouring rain. When we got there we remembered that we left the key to the ball room at home so we just played with all the kids in his group. We had a lot of fun but we left earlier then we normally do cause of the ran and they were getting ready to have dinner.

This is how the sky was at the end of the day.

The plan for Alexsey is that my dad and Dennis is going to go home this Friday and me and my mom will wait untill like August 6 to bring him home.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Day with Alexsey

Hi everybody. This is us walking to the orpahange. On the way we pass a pretty cool kindergaten. I pretty much now the way to the orphange and my dad let me lead the way today. He kept on saying are you sure you going the right way. It got annoying after a while, but we finally got there.

This is us with Alexsey at the orphange. Isn't he adorable. When he sees us walking toward him he has a big smile and it is so cute. I can't wait untill we get to bring us home.
This is my dad and Dennis falling asleed back at our apartment after a long day.

Pizza or not Pizza? that is the question

Today my dad bought a half of pizza for a $1.50. It had fake crab meat, corn, what he hopes is ham, and no pizza sauce but covered in green leaves. . Dennis and my dad ate it happily but mom and I would not even want to go near it. Does that sound like good pizza?

Friday, July 17, 2009

I Love All The Kids

Today we visited with Alexsey again. I think he is getting cuter every day. Every time after we drop Alexsey off at his group we stay for awhile to play with all the kids.

I enjoy being there with them all. They are all so cute and I wish I could just take them all home. If I could, I would. Today, I gave all the kids a ride in our stroller. They all enjoyed it so much. When I started running with them they would laugh. I just love hearing their laughter. After every kid got a turn, one of the caretakers said, that was enough.

Then, I started running around and they chased me. While I was running they kept on saying, "Mama, Mama." It was so sad to hear that because every one of the kids should have a mama. Like I said earlier, if I could take them all home I would.

There is this one particular girl who as soon as she sees me will run up to me and give me a hug and say "Mama, Mama." If I could be her mama I would. I don't yet know her name yet but I will try to find out tomorrow.

Every time after we bring Alexsey back, there is this one boy who will just hit him on the head. We don't know why he does it, he just does.

When I get older, I think I'm going to adopt. I think then I would be a real Mama then.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

I Lost a Tooth...........In Ukraine

I lost a tooth in Ukraine. Guess what I got from the tooth fairy. Nine grivna. Nine grivna is about one dollar and ten cents in America. Still that is a lot for a tooth. LOL. Now we are getting ready to go to the orphanage to see Alexsey.

2nd Time with Alexsey

While waiting at our apartment, I started building a Racko house. Later on Dennis joined me. I wouldn't have made one if my mom played with me. She was mad at me because I always would beat her

Here is a picture of the finished thing.

Later on, walking to the orphanage, my mom and I saw this dog. It is so cute. We just had to get a picture of it.

When we got him, one of his caretakers changed him into the clothes we brought for him. The shirt was perfect, but the pants were a little big.

Here is one of my favorite pictures of me and him.

It is late at night here and we are getting ready to go to bed. We might play a couple games of Racko before we go to bed.

Meeting Alexsey

Let me just say this. Alexsey is the cutest four year old boy in the world. He loves cars, hats, and loves playing in the ball pit. Here is a picture of me and him when we first met.

Alexsey just enjoyed throwing the balls out and watching us getting them. He also liked when I almost buried him in the ball pit.

This is a picture of Alexsey and my mom. Alexsey is wearing my sunglasses. He loved them.
Alexsey is just so adorable and fun to be with. He and Dennis get along great. Dennis enjoyed acting like the big brother. Here he is pushing him on the swing.

I can't wait to go back to the orphanage and see him again.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pictures in Ukraine

This a picture of one of the two beautiful churches in Kiev, Ukraine. The inside of it is amazing.

This is a picture of the new Harry Potter, but in Ukrainian.

This is just a beautiful statue in Kiev.

This is a picture my dad took of the Wendesday sunrise. He took it while we were on the train.

This is a picture of my cut foot. I stepped on a plug thing and it really hurt.

This is a picture of us eating dinner on the train. The Ukrainian food is called Piroshki. I liked the meat one better then the jelly filled.
That is all the pictures so far. Later I will post pictures of Alexsey because we did meet him. He is one if the cutest boys in the world.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Hi everybody. This is my second day in Ukraine. I really love Ukraine but there are a few things I don’t like about it or I think is weird.
First of all, one thing I think is weird is how the cars can drive and park on the sidewalk. Sometimes even half of the car is on the sidewalk and the other half in the street. It is unusual for me to see that.
Next, mostly everywhere I look I see someone smoking. There are cigarettes on the ground like everywhere, and you can smell the smoke real bad. Also, people are a loud to smoke inside most buildings.
The thing I don’t like to see is that there are always couples everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of people kiss and I think it is kind of weird to see that like everywhere.
Now that I’ve told you all the things that I don’t like about Ukraine, let me tell you about the things I do like about Ukraine.
The one thing I love is that from our apartment you can just walk everywhere. Everything is so close. I just enjoy doing all the walking and seeing everything. I like that we have a park right by the apartment and we can play on at it a lot. It is a pretty cool park.
Another thing I love is that in one place there is a whole bunch of fountains. It is just cool to see all of them.
So far that is all the things I could think of that I like and don’t like about Ukraine.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

We Made It

Hi everybody. This is Julia typing from Ukraine. We made it here safely and are in our apartment room just hanging out. Dennis is sleeping on the couch and my mom is sleeping in the bed.
The plane ride was very long and boring. I didn’t sleep much on the plane but while my parents slept I had to watch Dennis. He was a handful. I was glad when my parents woke up so I wouldn’t have to watch him anymore.
When we first made it to Ukraine we had to wait in a line to get our passports checked. Then we went to look for our luggage. We thought it was lost after awhile but then we saw them. We were so happy. Later on we saw the people we were meeting and they took us to our apartment. Then we took a walk in Ukraine.
The weather here is so perfect. It is like 70 degrees and just so nice. We played at a park, saw the underground mall, then we went out for lunch. We went to a place call the “Potato House”. I ordered a meat and cheese burrito but when I got it, it had like a pickle sauce in it and it wasn’t very good. My mom and dad ordered a Greek salad and ribs. They enjoyed them both. Dennis got a baked potato, but he didn’t eat it so I did because I didn’t like my meat and cheese burrito. After that, we went to a different park by our apartment and played there.
There was this little boy who was like 5 years old who walked up to me and Dennis at the park. He said something in Ukraine and then pointed to his eye. I knew what he meant but in English I said I don’t understand you. Then, he laughed. He kept on following us around for the rest of the time at the park.
Then we went back to the apartment. My mom got a deep cut in her leg from hitting it against a pole. So far, I’ve had a very fun time in Ukraine.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Today is the Day

Today is the day we go to Ukraine. I'm so excited. We leave like at 10 or 11 tonight to catch the plane tomorrow at 6 in the morning. You can follow or journey at We will be blogging in Ukraine. It is gonna be so much fun seeing my new baby brother.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I'm going to Ukraine!!!!

I can't wait. Next Friday, July 10th, is the day we are going to Ukraine. I'm so excited. Thank you to everyone who helped raise money and thank you to everyone who kept us in your prayers. Sorry I didn't post about this eariler. I'm just so excited we're going to Ukraine.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Last Day of Testing

Today was the last day of testing. I'm pretty sure on all my tests I got good scores. I don't think I missed any on the math though. Also, today after testing in class we just watched movies. I'm so happy that tomorrow we get a substitute teacher. I kind of miss testing and wish we could do it everyday.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Testing is Actually Fun

This week we have been doing the state tests. Taking them is actually fun. We have all morning to do it, and if we finish we get to read. I'm normally done at the beginning so I have a long time to read. So far during testing I've finished 2 books. Next week is the last week of testing. Also, during testing we get to chew gum and have some snacks. This week I've finished the language arts test and one of the science test. I really think I got good scores on them. I can't wait until next week so testing can be done.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Brother's Birthday

Today was my brother Adam's birthday. He turned 14 years old. He is getting old. We went out to eat at "Chillies". I didn't order anything special, just a hamburger and fries. Adam ordered something special but I forgot what it was called. It looked really good though.

Two days ago I gave him his first present from me. It was 3 chore coupons and 1 dessert coupon. He already used one of them. But today, I gave him a big bag of skittles. He felt the bag and had no clue what was inside. When he opened it he said it was unexpected. His favorite candy is skittles. My five year old brother Jonny just got back from my grandma and grandpa's house, and while he was there he bought Adam a back of Sun Chips. Adam like those too. All in all, we had a fun nighyt.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

More Orders

I'm done with all my orders. I've raised over $1,000 and that is enough for my plane ticket. I'm so excited. Once again, if anybody else wants to order anything, feel free too. Here is the list of stuff I'm still selling.

Scarfs $15
Washcloths $6
Pot Holders $5
Baby Bibs $8

I can't wait until I get to go to Ukraine.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

I Lost a Tooth

For a couple of days I've had a loose tooth. Last night I sat down with my mom and let her pull it out. It didn't really hurt, but I was really acting like it did. From the "tooth fairy" I got pairs of socks. For awhile I've been getting socks. I'm not mad at the tooth fairy, I just wish I could of gotten something else.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Recital, Sick, Sorry

Last Monday was my piano recital. The song I played all by myself, Indescribable, went really good. Except I messed up at the end. What was kind of cool was that my band song, Hosanna, was the last song to get played because it was like the grand finale. While we were playing Hosanna my older brother Adam starts throwing up on stage. It was kind of sad. We kept on playing the song and it turned out alright.

Most of my family has been getting sick. Today my mom is sick and so is my younger brother Andrew. I'm staying home from school to help my mom with Dennis and my other brother. So far I've made them both breakfast and we are just playing together.

Also, I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been busy with my school animal report and my state report. The animal I did was a jellyfish and it was very interesting. The state report isn't due till May 22nd so I still have I while to do it. State testing doesn't start untill next week and I think I'm ready for it.

Friday, April 3, 2009

Track Meet and Spring Break

Yesterday was my track meet. I ran the 75 meter dash and the 200 meter relay race. For the 75 meter dash and got third place, and for the 200 meter relay my whole team got 1st place. I got a blue ribbon for 1st and a white ribbon for third. It was fun at the track meet I tried my best for both things.

Also, Spring break started yesterday and I can't wait. Were off until the 14.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Back to School

Today was my first day back at school after my chicken pox. I had to make up some work but I finished it all really fast. Then I got caught up and is ready to go to school tomorrow. Also today we practiced for the track meet. I'm doing the 200 meter rely race. I have to practice for other stuff for the track meet.

Also Dennis is doing really great. My two songs for my piano recital are coming along really great and I've already memorized both of them. I'm playing keyboard in Hosanna, and playing Indescribable all by myself. I'm also singing it. I can't wait for the recital.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Before I got home today Dennis was already here. He is doing great. He still is a little bit weird form the medicine but he should be better by tomorrow. Thank you for all your prayers.

Monday, March 23, 2009

The Worst Thing About Chicken Pox is...

itching. You fell like itching and it's like you can't help it. I want to itch a whole bunch but I know that I can't. It will just cause scars. I hate the ones on my back because you can't itch them. I also hate the chicken pox because I miss school. I really like going to school.

Also, tomorrow is my brother Dennis' surgery again. Please be praying for him.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chicken Pox

My older brother Adam had the chicken pox a month ago. Then my two other brothers got them. Then just this morning I woke up with them. I'm itchy everywhere and it is no fun. I hate the pox.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Anyone who has ordered something that I haven't mailed off, please leave a comment and tell me what you ordered because I've had a lot and maybe lost yours or something, so please leave a comment with your email address and tell me what you want.

Monday, March 16, 2009


Today I went to the dentist. I was so happy I didn't get any cavities. Last time, I will be honest I got eight. That was the only time I got cavities in my whole life. I'm glad I didn't get any, but I go again in September.

If anybody has ordered anything that I haven't mailed out yet please leave a comment and remind me of what you want and I will get started on it. Also please leave your email address. Over all, I've raised now more then $800.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Swimming Already this Year

Almost my whole family have started swimming this year. I was the first one though. The water is still very cold. The last time I went swimming was yesterday. I love swimming but I'm not on any teams or anything. I just can't wait until the water is warm enough to stay in.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Parent Teacher Conferences

This week is parent teacher conferences so all week we've been getting out at 12:25. It is awesome. Tomorrow is my conference and I already saw my report card. It is straight A's. At my school we have to do a report on a state. I'm doing Michigan. I picked Michigan because my aunt and uncle used to live there.

Also, I play the piano and we are going to have a recital. I'm playing the song "Hosanna," with my older brother on guitar, me on piano, and some other people playing the drums. I can't wait.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Another Pet

Today we got a new cat. She is big and black. We don't know what to name her, but our old cat that ran away was named Rosie, so we might call her that. I'm kind of allergic to cats so I might not be around her as much. She is a pretty cat. Our dogs are getting along with her a little bit.

My Week

Last week I was kind of sick and missed 2 days of school. Now my older brother is sick and has the chicken pox. He is in eighth grade. Now it is the weekend and I have to finish making my orders. I've made a lot of money and almost enough for my plane ticket. I'm so excited. I can't wait till I actually go.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009


Today when I got back from school my dad said my mom called and said that the surgery went good. I'm so happy. My dad said that they did one side of his face and not the other. They say that he might have to go again in another 3 weeks. I hope he doesn't. Thank you all for praying for him.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Please Pray for my Brother Dennis

Tomorrow my two year old brother is going to have surgery. It is going to be so sad. Please pray for him.

Sunday, March 1, 2009


Today at church I heard what Julia stands for.


My pastor had me stand up in church when he said that. It was embarrassing. I like what it stands for.

More Stuff Crocheted

This is a headband I crocheted. I'm selling them for $5 to help with my brother's adoption.

This is me wearing a scarf I made. I'm still selling them for $15. All by myself, I've raised more then $500 to help adopt Alexsy.

I know this doesn't go with this post but today half of my family went swimming and so did I. The water was like 50 degrees. It was cold.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spelling Bee Results

At the spelling bee I had a lot of fun. I was number 122. There was 212 people competing so I had to wait awhile for my first word. My first word was the word "brawl." I spelled it right. I was happy. After that I found out that the speaker goes to my church. That was pretty cool. My next word was "relevant." I spelled that right too. After round two we got cookies and punch. Then we went back to the spelling bee. My next word was "ductile." I thought I would get it wrong but I got it right. Then I got "alliteration." I spelled that right too. My next word I got wrong. It was the word "corps." It sounds like the word core so that is how I spelled it. I wasn't mad. I got 25th place out of 212. It was against fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, and eighth graders and I am only in fifth. My teacher said that was good. We left early so we didn't find out who won. I had a lot of fun and that is all that matters.

Today is the Day

Today is the day of the Spelling Bee. I will post all about it when I am done. I'm excited and also scared. I'm gonna miss school for about 5-6 hours. I don't think I'll win. I just think I won't be the first one out. We are gonna get a free lunch and T-shirt. We are gonna ride a bus to the place where the spelling bee is. Wish me luck!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Going Well With Raising Money

I have been working really hard with orders to help fundraise for my brother. All by myself making money I have made more then 150$. That is enough to pay for my passport. If you ordered anything don't think I'm not working on it. I have a lot of orders. My mom said I will love this trip a lot because you'll know that you help ed to go on it. I'm so excited to go. It is hard to just sit down and crochet all day but it is worth it.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spelling Bee in 4 More Days

Next Wednesday is the spelling bee. I am really scared. I've been practicing with my teacher every morning at school. I'm happy that one of my friendsn at school got first place so we can do the spelling bee together. I just heard that the spelling bee ifm gonna have at least 210 kids. That's a lot. I don't think I'll win. I just think I won't be the first one out.

Making a lot of bibs, scarves, and washclothes is hard every day but I do it to help bring back Alexsey, my new brother.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day. Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been really busy making orders and I still haven't finished. Today my Dad was the first one to say Happy Valentine's Day to me. All in all, I had two valentine's. Happy Valentine's Day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

I am going to get a new brother!

My Mom and Dad are adopting a little boy that they met in Ukraine when they adopted Dennis. He is so cute! His name is Alexsy. He is almost four years old and has something called spina bifida. I really want to go to Ukraine with my parents and with my little brother Dennis. I want to see where my brothers and sisters came from. But I know that it costs a lot of money for an airplane ticket so I am going to sell bibs to raise the money. Please spread the word about my bibs so that I could help my parents to pay for my ticket.
My Mom thinks that a good donation for a bib is $8. I have all kinds of colors including a pretty multi-colored yarn with brown, beige, and green.

Scarfs take me longer to make so I am selling them for $15. Please email if you would like to buy one.
You can visit my Mom's new blog about Alexsey at

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

My Birthday

Today is my birthday and my dad takes me out to breakfast wherever I want to go. It's a tradition but I don't know when it started. I'm gonna go to the donut shop so I can also buy donuts to take to my class at school. I need to hurry up and finish this post because I'm doing it in the morning before I go to school. Today the first person to say happy birthday to me was my younger brother Andrew. He came into my room to tell me happy birthday. I was so happy.

Friday, January 30, 2009

My Exciting Friday

Today at school we had a spelling bee. It was really hard. I was in it and I was against twenty other people. I got second place and that means I get to go on to the next round. I'm so excited and even nervous. It is on February 25. I didn't even study at all and I got second place. I think I won because my birthday is next week. I got a little booklet of all the words that would be in the spelling bee and I'm gonna practice for the next spelling bee. If I win that one I get to go to Washington D.C, which I doubt I will, but it can happen.

I'm sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've been really busy with homework and other stuff.

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday was my sister's birthday party. We went to Hometown Buffet. There we ate a whole lot of food. Annalyn had a great birthday party. My older sister Rachel and my sister Sveta went to stay at my Baboonya's house until tomorrow. Today we went to church and my Cousin Matt went home. I am gonna miss him. Oh yeah, this is my 40th post.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Sad Story

Yesterday my Uncle Matt and I were going to pretend to throw my brother Johnny in the pool. We weren't going to, just pretend. We walked up to the pool and said one two three and Johnny didn't go in, I did. I went in with my clothes. It was so cold I got out right away. When I got out it didn't seem as cold as the pool. My Uncle Matt was laughing like crazy. I was laughing too after I got dried. Johnny is ok but if he fell in he new how to swim but I fell in. That is the sad part. This is a true story.


While I am typing this my Uncle Matt is reading this and is still laughing.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Already Friday

I can't believe Friday is already here. The week seemed to go fast. We switched desks at school and I don't like where I sit now. My Cousin Matt is staying at my house untill Sunday. He is more of an Uncle to me but we just call him cousin. I'm working on baby bibs because I have some orders. They are coming along really good. I made the design up all by myself.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Boring School Day

Today at school was a tiring day. We did a lot of social studies... which I hate. Also at the end of the day we did something called the walk. We walk around the whole school and stop half way there and do push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks. They are easy to do, but I hate doing them.

BTW on the last post I was supposed to post about the scarf I gave my teacher. I gave it to her and she didn't believe i made it is was so good. She wore it today to school. It looks really good on her.

Monday, January 12, 2009

The First Day of School After a Three Week Vacation

Today was the first day of school after a three week vacation. Waking up this morning was kind of hard. We all went to bed at seven so we would have enough sleep waking up at six. School was kind of different and a lot of my friends got haircuts like me. It was weird. We had to ride the bus to school and from school. What is kind of sad is that on Mondays now we get out on normal time instead of 12:30.

Thursday, January 8, 2009


These are some babybibs I made. This one is the second one I made. They only take me about an hour to do each one. My mom says I can sell them for four dollars each. I made my first one on our way up to Valley Childrens Hospital. It was white. We used it last night and it is in the washer.

This is the third one I made. I like it because it is blue... my favorite color. Dennis didn't really like getting his picture taken. This is during lunch time. I was feeding him and my mom was taking the pictures.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Still Another Week Off of School

We still have one more week off of school. I'm kind of getting tired of vacation and kinda want to go back to school. I miss being with my friends and learning new things. I really want to go back to school because every day at home is kinda the same.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm gonna try something new

I had a poll on the side that said what should I make next. Try something new won. I think I'm going to make a gingerbread man or a bunch of granny squares and turn that into a blanket. I don't know what I should make. I think I will make a gingerbread man but that is knitting. Still I think I will do it.

Is it worth twenty dollars? To late now.

A few days ago my mom said if I take a bite out of a jalapeno she will give me twenty dollars. I did it and I was dumb. It was so hot I started crying. My older brother Adam did it too. While I ate it we were having ice cream. I had so much ice cream because it was so hot. I think it wasn't worth it. My mouth burned for the whole night. I also had like five cups of milk. I needed something in my mouth to make the hot go away. I didn't really like it. My stomach hurt for a long time. I don't think it was worth it.

What do you think?