Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My Brother's Birthday

Today was my brother Adam's birthday. He turned 14 years old. He is getting old. We went out to eat at "Chillies". I didn't order anything special, just a hamburger and fries. Adam ordered something special but I forgot what it was called. It looked really good though.

Two days ago I gave him his first present from me. It was 3 chore coupons and 1 dessert coupon. He already used one of them. But today, I gave him a big bag of skittles. He felt the bag and had no clue what was inside. When he opened it he said it was unexpected. His favorite candy is skittles. My five year old brother Jonny just got back from my grandma and grandpa's house, and while he was there he bought Adam a back of Sun Chips. Adam like those too. All in all, we had a fun nighyt.


Mary said...

I bet he loves the "chore" coupons! I know I would have, when I was a kid :-)

Rachael said...

How thoughtful to do that for your brother!

Jarka said...

"chore coupons" are wonderful idea!!! :)
-Happy birthday to Adam :)

Emily said...

I bet he likes the chore coupons! Where did you find the picture of yarn that you have as your header?