Saturday, February 21, 2009

Spelling Bee in 4 More Days

Next Wednesday is the spelling bee. I am really scared. I've been practicing with my teacher every morning at school. I'm happy that one of my friendsn at school got first place so we can do the spelling bee together. I just heard that the spelling bee ifm gonna have at least 210 kids. That's a lot. I don't think I'll win. I just think I won't be the first one out.

Making a lot of bibs, scarves, and washclothes is hard every day but I do it to help bring back Alexsey, my new brother.


Emily said...

You'll do good! Don't worry God will take care of you. If you make it to the finals what bee will you be in? I'll be praying for you!

Teri C said...

Think positive Julia! Imagine yourself spelling every word and going up to get your prize.

I will be thinking of you.

The McCollum Adoption said...

you will do wonderful don't worry. I sent some stuff today.


Tina in CT said...

I don't understand how your friend won first prize as you won the spelling bee.

Think positve. We're all pulling for you and will be thinking of you on Wed.

You are such a wonderful sister to feel as you do about your new brother.

hadassahrose said...

I'm sure that you'll do great in the spelling bee - no matter what, as long as you are trying hard, you'll make your parents proud! :)

Keep up the good work on the crocheting. That is so nice of you to work so hard for your new little brother like you are doing.

Have a great day!

Connie said...

To prepare, think of all the BAD things that could happen and what you could do to solve the problem. What if you trip? What if you fall off the stage!? Get up, laugh, say "Ta-daa!" What if your socks do not match? Tell everyone they are your lucky pair. What if your nose tickles? Make sure you have a tissue. What if you totally freeze up and fail? Say thanks and good luck to the rest, sit down and watch the show! Think of the very silly, and the very terrifying. Then put it away. You're done with it.

On the day of the bee, just remind yourself, "SO WHAT if I mess up?" Will they cancel your birthday? No. So, just go for it and have fun with it :-)

Lots of love, have a great time at the bee, and please tell us all about it afterward!

Mary said...

Good luck with the spelling bee - I know you'll do great!

The McCollum Adoption said...

good luck; let us know how you do