Tuesday, November 25, 2008

My C.D Case Picture

This is the picture of my c.d case. I'm almost done with the strap.

Here's another picture of it.
Is it nice?


June Berger said...

Hi Julia,

I found your blog by the link your mom posted on hers. I like your corcheting, you do a very neat job. Are you going to make a blanket or something with the square or something else like your CD case? I've never heard of the group you were talking about, are they youngish, like your age? I look forward to following your blog.

Expat Mom said...

Hi, Julia, the cd carrier is quite nice! I really liked the glove you made for your sister, as well.

Do you have plans to sell any of your work in the future?

Kelli said...

You are very talented. Keep it up.