Saturday, November 29, 2008

A Trip to the Mountains

Today our family except for mom, Anna, and Dennis were going to go on a snow trip. We got all ready and then finally when we were up there we found out there was no snow. Instead of turning around we went and saw the giant sequoia and had a great time. We had to walk a mile just to get to the tree. We saw signs that said it would take a mile but we still walked to the sequoia. When we got back to the parking lot we were all very tired. We found a camera and returned it to it's owner to. We also saw a big rock and we all climbed up it. I think it turned out to be a great trip to the mountains.


Christine said...

I'm glad you had fun!

Connie said...

That sounds wonderful! We stayed in and quiet. Brian is not allowed to be rowdy and too active yet - although he feels good and wants to RUN everywhere. We had fun the time we got to go with you all to the mountains. It's pretty out there :-)

Jarka said...

I love going to the mountains we have lots of snow here in Slovakia so we can not go to the mountains-it would be dangerous, but we can go to the ski resorts and do some winter sports :)
It was very nice of you that you have returned the camera to it´s owner - he had to be really happy :D

Nanny Debbie said...

Hi Julia,
Its so nice to find your blog, i'm sure i'm going to enjoy reading it as I love your mums so much.
it sounds like you had a wonderful time in the mountains - i'm very jealous as I live in south England and all it seem to do at the moment is rain !!!!

Daniela said...

Oh, that brings back memories. We were there once when I was a kid. I'm glad you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Christmas is almost here.

Jamie said...

Glad you had fun even though it wasnt the trip you had planned. Hopefully you will find snow next time!

Debbie said...

Julia, it has been fun reading your blog. You have a great attitude and are interested in so many things. I know you are a great sister, too. Glad you had fun in the sequoias, even though there was no snow. We are having snow today here in Colorado...I think I'll stay inside... :-)

Tina in CT said...


I found your blog through your mom's blog today. Welcome to blogging.

It's great that you have a craft hobby and others too. I learned to knit when I was a preschooler but didn't get back to it until I was in college. A friend in the dorm was knitting and I was interested. When she went to teach me, I picked up the needed and knit just as my German Oma had taught me years before. I also taught my daughter to knit when she was pregnant with her first daughter. I do it in spurts.

Go to Always Wanted Four (Rachel's blog) and click on the link to her Etsy store. She'll be posting the pink knit outfit that I made to help her raise money for an orphange in Russia. It fits an American Girl doll. Rachel is one of my daughter's friends.

My daughter has a blog that your mom reads (American Girls in Moscow).

I love reading about your big family and your daily lives.

I'm the person that sent Dennis the package with Clifford the big red dog this summer.

I've added your blog and your sister's to my favorites (along with your mom's).


Teri C said...

Sounds like a great day for all!

Here is a Blog that I think you will like. It's all about making crafts.

kristen said...

It does sound like a lot of fun! I wish I were able to see those Sequoia's, but I live in Virginia and have never had the chance to see them. Maybe some day! I can't wait to read more on your blog.