Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Boring School Day

Today at school was a tiring day. We did a lot of social studies... which I hate. Also at the end of the day we did something called the walk. We walk around the whole school and stop half way there and do push ups, sit ups, and jumping jacks. They are easy to do, but I hate doing them.

BTW on the last post I was supposed to post about the scarf I gave my teacher. I gave it to her and she didn't believe i made it is was so good. She wore it today to school. It looks really good on her.


Teri C said...

I just knew your teacher would love it!

As much as you don't like it, exercise is very good for you. It freshens your brain for more work.

I walk a mile every morning at 6am and then a few more during the day. It makes me feel energized.

Hope your day is good tomorrow.

Emily From NC said...

You don't like social studies!? That is my favorite subject in school. My school is going to do a play in couple of months. We are doing the Ledgend of Sleepy Hollow. Well I hope you have a good week at school. I glad that your Teacher liked her scarf!!!!

Connie said...

Social studies (and History) can either be the most interesting OR the most boring of subjects. I guess it depends on the teacher.

At least your 'walk' and do exercises wasn't a 'run' and do exercises .. >:-)

Audra said...

i LOVE social studies. my best subject. our school would'nt let us go outside at all because it was so cold. (3 degrees F.) BRRRRR!

Tina in CT said...

American History was one of my favorite subjects.

I can imagine how surprised your teacher was when she opened your handmade scarf. Those kinds of gifts are extra special.