Saturday, January 17, 2009

A Sad Story

Yesterday my Uncle Matt and I were going to pretend to throw my brother Johnny in the pool. We weren't going to, just pretend. We walked up to the pool and said one two three and Johnny didn't go in, I did. I went in with my clothes. It was so cold I got out right away. When I got out it didn't seem as cold as the pool. My Uncle Matt was laughing like crazy. I was laughing too after I got dried. Johnny is ok but if he fell in he new how to swim but I fell in. That is the sad part. This is a true story.


While I am typing this my Uncle Matt is reading this and is still laughing.


Connie said...

Hmm? is this karma in action? Commit a bugging offense against another, and have the bugging come back on you? You better believe I'd've been laughing too - and hopefully catching a picture or two!

Teri C said...

lol I'm with your Uncle, still laughing! Funny how these things work.

Emily from NC said...

Haha! That happened to my friend one time(but it was summertime). I don't believe in Karma so maybe you just lost your balance (it can happen)I think once I was throwing my little bro on our trampoline but instead I fell.haha. :o bye!!!!

Tracy'sspace said...

That must have been very cold, funny though!

Daniela said...

You are now an honorary member of the polar bear club. How funny!

Matt said...

Not my fault you slipped and fell in. Ha ha! Oops. Oh and Jen loves her scarf.

Love you

Matt + Jenn