Sunday, January 18, 2009


Yesterday was my sister's birthday party. We went to Hometown Buffet. There we ate a whole lot of food. Annalyn had a great birthday party. My older sister Rachel and my sister Sveta went to stay at my Baboonya's house until tomorrow. Today we went to church and my Cousin Matt went home. I am gonna miss him. Oh yeah, this is my 40th post.


Miracle said...

I found your blog through your moms blog. I love to hear about what a fun time you have with your siblings and how you are growing into a sweet wonderful girl. Thanks for this update!

Matt said...

You had a chance to make a run for it in my car. You gonna come home and stay with us? Or you going to wait till we move up there and then come over and move in?

Love you

Matt + Jenn

Teri C said...

Sounds like a very fun day. And happy 40 posts!

Audra said...

sounds like fun

Cousin Jenn said...

Hi Julia!
Thank you so much for the scarf! I love it! So you are going to move in with us? Awesome!! =) Hope to see you soon.
Love you! Jenn

♥Possum Princess♥ said...

Hope your sister had a great birthday!!!
Must have been FUN FUN FUN!!!!! :)

♥Possum Princess♥