Sunday, July 19, 2009

Another Day with Alexsey

Hi everybody. This is us walking to the orpahange. On the way we pass a pretty cool kindergaten. I pretty much now the way to the orphange and my dad let me lead the way today. He kept on saying are you sure you going the right way. It got annoying after a while, but we finally got there.

This is us with Alexsey at the orphange. Isn't he adorable. When he sees us walking toward him he has a big smile and it is so cute. I can't wait untill we get to bring us home.
This is my dad and Dennis falling asleed back at our apartment after a long day.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia,
Those are nice pictures, Dennis looks so sweet with your Dad. Now that you are getting a routine going there, do you like being there or are you looking forward to leaving and going back home? Is it still hot?

Have Fun,
Jodi Lewandoski

hadassahrose said...

Great pictures.

I was just wondering, are you missing your other brothers and sisters much while you are gone?

Hope your day is going great. :)

Teri C said...

It looks like everyone is so happy. I bet your whole family will be happy when you come home.

Connie said...

Alexsey looks very happy with you :)