Monday, July 13, 2009

Likes and Dislikes

Hi everybody. This is my second day in Ukraine. I really love Ukraine but there are a few things I don’t like about it or I think is weird.
First of all, one thing I think is weird is how the cars can drive and park on the sidewalk. Sometimes even half of the car is on the sidewalk and the other half in the street. It is unusual for me to see that.
Next, mostly everywhere I look I see someone smoking. There are cigarettes on the ground like everywhere, and you can smell the smoke real bad. Also, people are a loud to smoke inside most buildings.
The thing I don’t like to see is that there are always couples everywhere. I’ve seen a lot of people kiss and I think it is kind of weird to see that like everywhere.
Now that I’ve told you all the things that I don’t like about Ukraine, let me tell you about the things I do like about Ukraine.
The one thing I love is that from our apartment you can just walk everywhere. Everything is so close. I just enjoy doing all the walking and seeing everything. I like that we have a park right by the apartment and we can play on at it a lot. It is a pretty cool park.
Another thing I love is that in one place there is a whole bunch of fountains. It is just cool to see all of them.
So far that is all the things I could think of that I like and don’t like about Ukraine.


Teri C said...

I guess this is called taking the good with the bad. Funny how we get used to seeing and not seeing certain things and that becomes the norm for us. Interesting the things you are seeing and understanding.

Wow, parking on the sidewalk?!! Now that is certainly different.

I am enjoying hearing about everything.

Laurel said...

Yeah, Julia. Thanks for blogging. I love to get your perspective. Keep up the great work. I spoke to your dad today and he said all is going well. Can't wait for you to meet your new brother!
Mrs. Boylan

Rachael said...

What a great experience this is for you!

When we went back to visit Russia in May, my daughter Katya had similar dislikes as you. She said the number one gross thing about Russia is all the smoking and littering. (Especially people throwing their cigarette butts down on the street.) Of course, other than that, she thought Russia was just fabulous and was very proud to show off her birth country.

Michelle said...

hey Julia,
thanks for letting me know about your blog! i visited it a long while back but didn't know you'd be updating it. i'm glad you seem to be enjoying your time in Ukraine! i've been to Mexico, Puerto Rico, the Bahamas, England, and France... and let me tell you, i've had my share of the whole "good/bad" thing! we were in france for almost a week and my younger sister & i (we were 15 & 17, it was 5 years ago this month) and we were BEGGING to go back to England within hours!!!

at a french restaurant, we were offered hippo & ostrich. we politely paid for our drinks and left... off to mcdonald's it was! :-P

enjoy your time in ukraine & with your family. it must be cool to get to spend time with them without everyone else (except Dennis, of course) and get to meet Alexsey so soon!

right now is a weird time for me, so please don't think what i wrote in my last entry & the one tonight are my "normal" type of entries - usually i write about healing from being abused & kidnapped, and having a chronic illness that may end my life sooner than most & dealing with everyday pain. it's just kinda random right now. ;-)

praying for you! keep us posted! :-)

- michelle

Connie said...

Parking on the sidewalk keeps your car off the street, where it might get side-swiped. Gotta remember to take some photos of our truck tires when we get it from the ship - the sidewalls are all tore up from 'climbing curbs' in order to park on sidewalks! :-D Just don't try it in the US!! (At least in the US, you and/or the other driver will pay for damage in the event your car is damaged when parked.)

Jenny said...

Julia, Claudia is my 12 year old she is at camp now but when she comes back on Sunday, I am going to have her read your blog. She wants to travel with us when we adopt so your blog will be very interesting to her. She is going to love it!

Charissa said...

What an amazing adventure you are on. I'm glad to see you have a blog. I will be following it.

Leah said...

I was so excited for you when I learned you were going along on the trip! You will get to see things you can't see anywhere else in the world! Your post about the good and the bad is very interesting. I think I would be surprised seeing cars on the sidewalks too! I can't wait to read about the rest of your trip, especially about meeting Alexsey!

MMrussianadoption said...

So glad you made it. Of course going to any foreign country is a bit of a culture shock. When we went to Russia, there were things we werent used to. I bet you are enjoying the food though. I cant wait until you meet your new little brother. I bet you are so excited. Good luck to all of you

Sally- That Girl! said...

Julia, Glad to see you are having a good time in the Ukraine. Yes, there are some differences from what we are used to in the USA! You are so lucky to go on such a great adventure and being a part of helping your new little brother feel welcomed into your awesome family! Can't wait to see a picture of the two of you!

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

Hi Julia,
How is that foot?
I remember lots of smoking in China when we were there, too. Yuk!

We'll see what Josie-Tatum's perspective is when we go to South Africa this weekend.

Write down everything, so you will always remember. Have a blessed trip.


Anonymous said...


:)De said...

Julia, I am excited for you as you experience UK. I think the pickle sauce would have been too much for me too. Have fun and keep posting.


Zac and Jenny said...


My name is Jenny. I read your mom's blog all the time. I didn't know you had a blog... so I am glad she told us about it.

I hope you have a great time. I'm looking foward to reading more about your experiences. I love your list of bad and good things.


hadassahrose said...

Thanks for sharing what you like and dislike about Ukraine - I enjoy hearing all of the details.

Tina in CT said...

My daughter and her family have lived in Moscow for 5 years and she has told me how people park on the sidewalks. I have visited her twice and seen it and the crazy driving firsthand.

I'm fortunate when there as my daughter translate the restaurant menus so I don't get a surprise served to me.

What do you think about the way some of the young women dress? And the high heels they were everywhere?

Annie said...

Watch out for cars, too! If Ukraine is like Russia, there is no such thing as pedestrians having the right-of-way.