Friday, August 28, 2009

I Need Glasses

I need glasses, only for reading though. It was fun getting my eyes checked many different ways. When I got back to school my teacher asked me if I got dialected, and I said yes. Then he asked did you get glasses, and I had to say yes infront of my whole class so now they all know. Then he asked if I need to get moved to the front of the class and I said no thank you.


Kathy C. said...

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Ellie said...

I hope your new glasses help you read better! :)

Mary said...

Cool! It'll be fun to have glasses, and don't worry about the rest of the class knowing - chances are they, or someone in their family, has glasses too.

P.S. Aren't eye exams FUN? I love that contraption with the flippy lenses :-)

Tina in CT said...

I started wearing glasses for distance when I was in 5th grade.

CassidyJo Fortin said...

Hi Julia
how are you?
u still need to post more on your blog
call me

Connie said...

And you picked out some awesome frames too! Love them! (and you) :-)

Amanda said...

I got glasses at aound the same age. Do you have to wear them all the time?

DreamCatcher said...

You'll get used to your glasses really quickly and just imagine how much easier it will be to read now. Keep up the good work and congrats on being in the hardest of your classes. :)


Jarka said...

hey! I have to wear glasses for reading too :) and lots of my friends wear glasses too :) so don´t worry ... I´m sure you look great with them :)

Jarka said...

oh... I forgot to wish you HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! :) lots of luck, happiness and great friends :)

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Cynthia said...

Join the club. I find glasses to
be fun.

Lola X said...

Great Blog!!! Love it!!!

Lola x

GAFlyGirl said...

I wear glasses too. I have worn them since I was in the 5th grade. I remember how humiliating it was too. don't worry, you will get used to it. Although I have to admit, I miss my contacts.