Monday, August 10, 2009

School is Starting

When we first got home we saw this poster on the balcony. I think it is so cute.

And then right below it we saw that Alex's picture was already added.
We start school this Thursday. Today we got a letter in the mail saying what our teachers would be. I was so excited I got a boy teacher because I've always had a girl teacher. I can't wait until school starts.


Kathy C. said...

Do you just have one teacher for all your subjects? We start back the 24th. The latest we've ever started.

Cassidy said...

Hi Julia this is Cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Has anything changed since the last time I was at your house? Did Alex go in the pool at all again?Check your e-mail soon please.
I love you

Connie said...

Welcome home!!! Wow. school starting already!?!? Glad you are all home safe and together again. love ya!