Monday, July 20, 2009

Hot to Rainy

Hi everybody. We had a good day. Alexsey is now very open to me and has said "I love you," a few times. It is so cute. Here I am taking him back to his room at the orphanage.

After a long hot walk to find a toy store, which is closed untill August, we stopped to get some lunch. Let me just say, my dad got a sandwich which he thought was beef but we think was actually liver. My chicken burger had a lot of weird sauces so I traded for my dad's sandwich. I didn't like it either so I ate an orange when we got home.

Getting ready to go see Alexsey again, we hoped the weather would be cooler, cause it was like very very hot. And then it started pouring rain. When we got there we remembered that we left the key to the ball room at home so we just played with all the kids in his group. We had a lot of fun but we left earlier then we normally do cause of the ran and they were getting ready to have dinner.

This is how the sky was at the end of the day.

The plan for Alexsey is that my dad and Dennis is going to go home this Friday and me and my mom will wait untill like August 6 to bring him home.


Anonymous said...

Hi Julia, I would love to be there having the experiences you are having. I am a 37 yr old mother of 6 and reading about your family makes ME want to be a Reed! ha ha
Love the pictures.
Have Fun,
Jodi Lewandoski

RACHEL .J .REED said...

that is really cool julia love you. and miss you too.

Tina in CT said...

July 24 to when you 3 get to fly home will quickly pass. Absorb all you can of the city and try to fit in some sightseeing if at all possible.

Mary said...

That is so cool!

I'm going to geek out for a second and just note that as I was looking at your photos, I started reading the Ukrainian signs in the restaurant photo (I guess the Russian course I took in college was good for something after all :-P ) and I noticed that the word for potato in Ukrainian (kartoffel) is the exact same word for potato in German. How cool is that? Also the word for tea in Ukrainian/Russian (Chai) is the same as in India. I love it when languages unexpectedly intermingle like that :-)



Connie said...

It looks like all of you are having a wonderful time. We hope to out to visit all of you soon after you get back.. middle to late August. When does school start for you?

I hate liver! I'd have had the orange too :D

susan said...

Be glad you aren't home. It was 112 here (well, in Fresno)yesterday.
Miss you.

Cassidy Jo said...

Hi Julia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's me Cassidy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wish you'd put post more on your blog, but oh well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kathy C. said...

When I am in Haiti I always order spaghetti because it is pretty much the same and you don't have to wonder what is in it. I avoid the meat.

Anonymous said...

I hear you are making lots of friends around the apartment. You'll have to tell me all about it when you get home. Miss you lots. G-Ma

Kim said...

Sound like an exciting time in your life! Thanks for stopping by and commenting at 'Pair' Slices.

Anonymous said...

I really miss your postings.
Love G-Ma