Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Another day of School

Today at school we did a lot of science. Tonight I have to study for a test. I don't really like science. The new girl I still got along. Were friends now. Another one of my favorite animals is elephants. I have a webkinz elephant that I got for my birthday and it is cute. At school we got confused because we couldn't find Rachel. We found out that she is in an after school program so we had to wait for her. The thing I hate most about school is social studies and science. I do well in those subjects but I don't enjoy doing them. In my class today we had another math test. I missed one and it was a hard one. There was twenty questions and I got nineteen. That's still a good score.


Teri C said...

Keep doing well! It is well worth it.

How many webkinz do you have? Do you do the whole Webkinz thing on the computer?

Mary said...

19 out of 20 is an excellent grade - still an A. I hope I do as well on my Chemistry exam tomorrow :-)

Ellie said...

19 out of 20 is great, Julia!
Hopefully I'll do as well on my French test tomorrow morning... :-)
And my younger sister has Webkinz; the games are so fun!

Connie said...

Next year, or even next 9weeks/semester, you might be studying a different area of science. Some years I thought science was just 'ok', some years I LOVED it because we really learned interesting things. I even took an extra-credit marine biology class in summer school (yea - on purpose, my choice) once because it was fun. We spent 3 days out in the Bay, and 2 in the lab, each week. I also loved chemistry and so took advanced chemistry even though I didn't need to. Hopefully the next subject you get will be more interesting and fun.

Violet said...

I was never good at math and never liked it. I'm so glad I am finally finished with math. I just did my last college math class. You did really great on your test, I always had a hard time with it.

I'm so glad you are making friends with the new girl. I bet that makes her feel welcome and less cared in a new school.

I bought my friends little boy a stuffed turtle. When you by this kind of stuffed animal, you get to name a star. We named a star after him. His name is Gabriel.

Erica said...

Do you like the teachers for your social study and science classes? The teacher always makes the difference. If you have a good teacher, you'll like the class.

Way to go on your math test! You rock at math!!

Nikki said...

Great score! I agree... I don't like science either!