Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Poor Dennis

My little brother Dennis is so cute. About three days ago he had surgery for his cleft palate. This morning he started coughing and his stitches came off. Blood started coming out from his mouth and it wouldn't stop. Blood was everywhere. We called 911 and they came and took my mom and Dennis to the hospital. One of our neighbors watched us. We called my dad and he came home from work and took us to the hospital. We had to stay there for about two hours. It's so sad. We kept on praying and he's doing alright now. He is still there with my mom. We just finished lunch and are cleaning up after the party. I just feel so sad that he has to go through this when he's only two years old.


Kelli said...

thanks for keeping us posted. Prayers and hugs for your entire family.

Tina in CT said...

I just read your mother's blog about Dennis. Poor little guy! He's been through so much. He does have a big support system - his loving mom and dad, brothers and sisters and grandparents. I hope he will be much better tomorrow for his first US Christmas.

Teri C said...

It is sad and what he needs right now is lots of love from his family. I will also say some prayers for him.

Connie said...

It should be illegal for little kids to get sick, hurt or injured... ever! I read your mom's blog too and am hoping that Dennis is feeling better now.. he must be doing well or they wouldn't have let him come home!

One good thing about Dennis being so young is that he won't remember this as he gets older. Honor barely remembers when she was hospitalized at 3yo. Only the good stuff. Brian, as the older sibling, like you, remembers the scary parts of her being taken to the ER... but I think it gave him a good lesson about doctors, hospitals, etc. so when he had to have his surgery, he was already familiar with a lot of it and more comfortable.

911 is an amazing thing, isn't it?! So are modern ambulances. You know, we do not have 911 here, and the best ambulance is your own car.. even in serious accidents. In the US we are blessed to have these services. Your Dad's mom used to work with 911 services :-)

Ellie said...

Oh my goodness. Poor Dennis....but I know that he has all of you loving him and praying for him. I'm praying too - for all of you, and hugs, too. Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

Kristen ~Ethan's Mommy~ said...

I am sure that you were very scared for Dennis! I am so glad that he is home and getting better.

MMrussianadoption said...

so sorry about your brother. hope he is better now

Shaun and Holly said...

Hi! I'm just checking your blog out!
I'm a huge fan of Pure NRG too.
Sorry to hear about your brother.
I will be sure to read your blog,
(Pony Dreamer)

Tirzah said...

hi, again. Sorry, I guess my mom just blogged so the latest comment is from me, the Pony Dreamer.
Sorry again,

Nikki said...

Oh my... so scary. I am glad to hear everything is alright now, and glad to read you all had a great Christmas with Dennis feeling better!